The National African American

Student Assembly

Leadership Summit


“Our Success is Inevitable”

April 6-7, 2018.


The Summit’s Focus: Young Powerful Leaders Unite in Washington, DC

Young Men of Color are under attack and we need calm heads to prevail. College students will be trained to lead the thoughtful change we need in  police culture and community interaction.

The National African American Student Leadership Summit invites talented students from all over the country to convene in Washington, DC to talk about effective leadership, unifying their forces, and educational and career advancement. 

In the shadow of the White House, where President Barack Obama exemplifies a “Yes, We Can!” spirit, student leaders will plan, problem-solve, bond, and build over the course of three great days in the nation’s capital.

The Summit’s Format

Through a series of dynamic presentations, information exchanges, and agenda-building sessions, students will explore their interests in Leadership and Scholarship, Business and Entrepreneurship, Everything Greek, Health and Beauty, Cultural Arts and Entertainment, and a special Advisor’s-Only Track.

Summit attendees will enjoy networking with current national leaders in their major fields. And as a bonus, they will enjoy access to educational, cultural, and political information hot spots in Washington, DC. including the Martin Luther King, Jr. monument and the new Smithsonian African American Museum.

The Summit Differs from A Conference

A summit differs from a conference in process and product. Summits occur when the urgency of current affairs calls for collaborative decision making, buy-in, and participation. And because African-American students have inherited a rich legacy of leadership, they are already prepared to respond to the issues of their time. That’s why by the end of the Summit, participants will have conceptualized a product--a blueprint for advancing themselves and their millennial generation. 

Summit Attendees

All students are welcome to attend!  Students who serve in Student Government Associations, Black Student Unions, Civic Associations, Fraternities and Sororities, and professional development associations will benefit the most from this event.

Advisors are encouraged to attend!


Washington, DC

April 6-8, 2018

“Negotiating Our Own Future In Uncertain Times!”